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EAT BRAINS LOVE and its sequel UNDEAD WITH BENEFITS were both published by Harper Teen.

Two recently mortified zombies -- JAKE and AMANDA -- become fugitives after accidentally devouring the rest of their senior class. As the two cross the country searching for a cure, they are pursued by CASS, a teen psychic, whose team of government agents are tasked with controlling the zombie epidemic. Hearts are broken, brains are eaten.

EAT BRAINS LOVE was made into a movie. It's pretty fun! At the premiere, the director forgot my name when introducing me. I swear I don't think about this every day.

Anyway, the books are better.

My short fiction has appeared in The Literary Review (not online), The Awl, Storychord, and The L Magazine. I have also ghost-written several novels, many of which appeared on the NYT Best Sellers list.

I have written a few unproduced features and pilots. Are you a production company? A financier? A person who has run out of things to read on The Black List? Contact me and I will happily share my work with you.

Samples of copywriting and spon-con are also available upon request.

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